Alguna vez te has preguntado por que de repente mi recuerdo llega a ti? Tal vez no sabes que es por que te extraño y no puedo estar sin ti…. Alguna vez te has preguntado por que suspiras y tu corazón se siente destrozar? tal vez no te has dado cuenta que aun te amo […]


A WORLD FULL OF DREAMS I, Like all the human beings in this world, I’m a dreamer. Yo como todos los seres humanos de esta tierra tambien soy un soñador — Jesus E Hernandez, This is the first time I write something personal, I invite you to follow me in social media as @chuysworldusa, my […]

Aquí en mi tumba

Cuando viví me amaron tanto que me encantaba sonreír ahora cada instante y cada llanto me siento otra vez morir Aquí no hay espacio suficiente ni siquiera siento mi cuerpo tantos recuerdos en mi mente y el olvido es lo único que siento Hace tanto frío y la oscuridad me estremece ya no vienen mis […]

My Super Power

Do you ever wake up with the feeling that you just saw the future? Or that you were just somewhere far away living another life? I have! Seriously! I think I have super powers! But no, is not like in the movies or in the comics; my dreams, my thoughts, my ability to learn , […]

Wishing for you

A poem written on a Saturday night, June 30 2001 Looking deeply into the sky looking for a shooting star that you comeback I pray to God and I wonder where you are Suddenly, I feel like crying you never call or even write me, I think your purpose is to hurt me I have […]


A POEM FOR AMERICA United Slaves Here come the drug dealersThe murderersThe rapist , Yeah,a caravan of invaders! Build your wallsBuild your cagesDig your trenchesLet out the racists We are the result of people in powerHunger and cold make people tiredCorruption and greed Stop ruling the world!Haven’t you had enough of this horror? Give me […]