United Slaves

Here come the drug dealers
The murderers
The rapist , Yeah,
a caravan of invaders!

Build your walls
Build your cages
Dig your trenches
Let out the racists

We are the result of people in power
Hunger and cold make people tired
Corruption and greed Stop ruling the world!
Haven’t you had enough of this horror?

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your homeless
Let’s make them work to death
Jail the bad hombres

Profit from slavery
Control the masses
Invade the countries
Kill the opposers
Divide and conquer!

Let’s sell them guns
Let’s sell them bombs
Let’s start a war
Once they kill each other
steal their gold

The media is the enemy
Fake news
I can’t stand it
Who ever speaks against me
Is getting stranded

I have nightmares of starving
I come from a shit hole country
Wha the hell do you want from me?
Give me my citizenship
I pay my taxes

Rip off the constitution
Label me a minority
You can’t stop this revolution
We are already a majority

Welcome to the land of horror
Where men have no honor
Place that humiliates a brother
By locking kids in the border

Nation that promotes democracy
But saves the world with hypocrisy
Where the president is a racist
And his partners in power are Rapists

Come up with some money
Open a GoFundMe
Buy your own fucking party
This political shit isn’t funny

Come on bitch don’t stop
911 was an inside job
America is so fucked up
That is right he whole world knows that

Shh, let’s pretend no one is listening
Start recording everything
This show is so great
Snowden you are missing all this!

For telling the truth I’m a sinner
If i hate your race I’m a winner
Come on everyone come back to reality
Have you all lost your humanity?

They said white nationalist are cool
White people please get rid of the stripes in blue
Stop locking the wrong dudes
And stop the shootings at schools

Discriminate, humiliate kick and scream
Go to social media let it stream
Let’s all like and share
Up to day I have nothing to wear
I have to work 3 jobs to say off welfare
God please let me wake up from this nightmare!

But don’t worry
Seat back relax and enjoy your Netflix
The world is getting screwed up
While you are watching all this

Let the United slaves of America Come together
Let’s fight the cold weather
Abolish ice and its racist
Come on, show some greatness
Rise up in the name of the bravest!

Who the fuck is disrespecting the flag?
I’m kneeling to stay alive
But I can barely get a grip
Why are you all looking at me?
I’m not the leader of this dictatorship!

I fled from the oppressor and the narcissist,
They tried to kill me for being a pacifist!
I came to the Bravest ambassador
Please help me
I couldn’t get my passport

They said America was the greatest
Land of the proud and the bravest
Where the church protects the rapist
And the leader is a fascist

I can’t sleep for the stress of being deported
If I don’t shut up I’ll make a disorder
I better head up to the Canada border
I’ll probably be hunted by space forces!

Come on ladies, please take over the world
Enough of this bullshit, it’s time to move forward
Or you prefer the chaos and violence?
do you want the end of the world
on your conscience?

Jesus E. Hernandez

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