My Super Power

Do you ever wake up with the feeling that you just saw the future? Or that you were just somewhere far away living another life?

I have!

Seriously! I think I have super powers! But no, is not like in the movies or in the comics; my dreams, my thoughts, my ability to learn , to predict people! To some times make people do things and other things like, heal on my own!

But how does this happen? Let me explain;

No, I wasn’t born with it, well some of it

When I was little I was a very sick kid, my head was always kind of exploding, I used to bleed from my nose maybe litters of blood, that my parents had to take me to the emergency room almost every day, it was a nightmare for them. I was always in dispare, I remember that! Like it’s happening at this moment! I can still feel the pain in my head, but no it doesn’t really hurt, the feeling is still there though, I’m very sensitive to smells, pain and a million things! When a person is sad I absorb that energy, when I want something, I repeat it in my head a thousand times and it becomes a reality! How is it possible? I don’t know, since I was little I learned that all things are possible. Why ? because for me it all has become a reality, no kidding! Everything that I thought of has materialized, my world my reality.

How did I discovered my powers?

It all comes to when one day I had to go to school and for some reason, I didn’t want to go that day because of a presentation I had to expose and talk about it, I was so frustrated that on that night I repeated this words in my mind, “please let there be no classes tomorrow”, more than a thousand times, but yeah, in my mind I really believed it was possible, and so it did,coincidence maybe, I remember that day my mom took me and my sister to school and for some reason the school was close, and hundred of parents had showed up with their kids but without any noticed or announcements school was shot down that day, obviously, something about a strike about teachers being underpaid! I remember walking back home pretending I was sad that there were no classes, but in my mind I was thanking God for the miracle. And since then my life changed.

Yes, with great power comes great responsibility

It is true what they say, it is a big responsibility to know things and not know how to react to that. When you dream of rainbows and if during that day you see a rainbow in the horizon, the view is so beautiful that at that moment you realize that life is worth it. But what happens when you dream of someone dying, of bulls terrorizing people on the streets, of ghost and evil spirits trying to hurt you, or of old dolls coming to life like out of a horror movie? Of course you wake up and it was just a nightmare, at least that is what for a normal person its all that a nightmare will ever be.

One of my super powers

But, why is dreaming for me one of my super powers?

When I was younger and had nightmares, I would wake up that day and I knew that at any moment something horrible was going to happen! I remember my grandmother noticed it o couple of times but she didn’t ask me what was going on, until one day she did, but it was like she already knew what was going on, and she said; what ever it is that is bothering you if you tell it to somebody maybe it will ease your worries, and so I told my grand mother about my nightmares, from that day on my grandmother was my confident, she told me that if a dreams feels to real to be just a dream maybe is not, that if sometimes you tell that dream or nightmare to someone it won’t come true,maybe you have already lived what is going to happen! She said that in the spirit world your soul has inimaginable powers that if you are able to control your dream the outcome of that dream is whatever you intend it to be; a bunch of times in the morning before going to school I would go and say bye to my grandmother and tell her about my nightmare my mind started to settle a little and for a while I stopped having horrible dreams.

9/ 11 the Twin Towers

3 months before it happened I had a dream, a dream that at first it meant nothing, in my dream everything started as me looking down in the water with the reflection of huge buildings into it, but at the same time sharks were circling around all this buildings as my dream progressed I wold usually find my self in the middle of this buildings looking up with airplanes surrounding this buildings and as I was trying to find out where I was, in my dream people were staring up in the sky between this buildings, just looking up in complete silence and then I would wake up! One strange thing I had never been to New York before!

Yes after the attack to the World Trade Center in NY everything changed for me, I moved to the United States around 1996 and when 9/11/2001 happened my nightmares came back and since then I have learned to control my life in the spirit world,and yes you have no idea what things I have lived in the spirit world, I have seen Angels, Demons, other worlds, other dimensions even my grand mother, yes she died 5 years ago. Thanks to her fighting evil in my dreams is my superpower.

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